05/12/2020 13:12:20 (GMT +7)

Mekong Delta faces decline in wild birds, fish and plants

The number of species of wild birds, fish, and plants in the Mekong Delta has fallen rapidly in recent years because of a decline in food resources and natural habitats.

Vietnam among countries deploying 5G early

The three largest mobile network operators have deployed 5G, adding Vietnam to the list of the countries commercializing 5G early.

Vietnam masters 90 percent of ecosystem of cyber security products

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon03/12/2020
Vietnam has to date mastered about 90 percent of the ecosystem of cyber security products serving Party and State agencies, and is likely to be one among few countries mastering 100 percent of the ecosystem, 

Where are Vietnam’s social networks in comparison with Facebook, Google?

With the establishment of a series of social networks, Vietnam is one of only a few countries with domestic products that are competitive with cross-border platforms.

Vietnam begins thinking of how to deal with expired solar panels

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon04/12/2020
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), which is compiling the draft of the amended law on environmental protection, 

Is it time for next-generation social networks?

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon03/12/2020
Every technological product has its life cycle…

Da Nang monkeys flood city in search of food

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon02/12/2020
Hundreds of monkeys from the Son Tra Peninsula in Danang City have recently flocked into the city to seek food.

HCM City needs VND29 trillion for solid waste treatment

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon02/12/2020
HCMC will need nearly VND29 trillion in the next five years to implement a solid waste treatment scheme, which is aimed at enhancing the management, classification, collection, and recycling of solid waste in the city.

Vietnam ready to commercialize 5G by 2021

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon01/12/2020
Commercializing 5G by 2021 is a target for Vietnam to implement the national digital transformation.

Thousands of wildlife farms in Vietnam threaten biodiversity

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon01/12/2020
In recent decades, along with the robust development of the economy, the demand for wildlife in Vietnam, especially in big cities, has increased.

Vietnam considers using AI to warn about landslides, flash floods

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon01/12/2020
The Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration (VMHA) has proposed applying AI to give early warnings about landslides and flash floods.

HCM City to improve solutions to climate change response

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon01/12/2020
HCM City will assess the relationship between the factors that cause climate change and its socio-economic plans to develop long-term responses.

iPhone 12 in high demand, dealers earn big money

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon01/12/2020
Vietnam is clearly a market with great potential for Apple. Even the next-generation models with high prices such as iPhone 12 are selling well.

Facts about renewable energy

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon30/11/2020
At present, renewable energy plays an important role in meeting people’s increasing demand for energy. Renewable energy resources are abundant and available in the nature and exist in many forms.

Domestic solid waste surges 46 percent in 10 years

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon30/11/2020
Vietnam saw a 46 percent rise in the volume of domestic solid waste in the 2010-2019 period, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

The Vietnamese man in the world's top 1% of influential scientists

SCI-TECH & ENVIRONMENTicon30/11/2020
Prof. Nguyen Xuan Hung has been named in the top 1% of the most influential scientists in the world in 2020 based on the number of professional citations.