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Lives of Cong ethnic people in Dien Bien

La Cha Village in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien's Nam Po District is home to a Cong ethnic community, one of the five ethnic minority communities in the province with 79 households and nearly 400 inhabitants.

Time-honoured craft of gold laminating in Kieu Ky village

YOUR VIETNAMicon18/10/2020
The craft of gold laminating in Kieu Ky village, Gia Lam district, Hanoi has seen around 400 years of history. 

Ukrainian DJ finds second home in Vietnam

YOUR VIETNAMicon17/10/2020
The Vietnamese digital music community has been impressed by the appearance and performances of a beautiful Ukrainian DJ at major domestic musical events in recent years.

H'mong ethnic group continues traditional paper-making craft

YOUR VIETNAMicon13/10/2020
The unique paper-making craft of the H'mong ethnic group in Hoa Binh Province has been going strong for 300 years.

Ancestor worship, a sacred rite of the Lo Lo in Ha Giang

YOUR VIETNAMicon13/10/2020
The Lo Lo ethnic minority people live mostly in Lung Cu commune, Ha Giang province. They live harmoniously with other ethnic groups of the Dong Van stone plateau while maintaining their ancient customs and traditions.

'Weaving' scent into tea

YOUR VIETNAMicon11/10/2020
Vietnamese people have long maintained the tradition of enjoying flower-scented tea and the pastime has been elevated in the way Hanoians prepare the typical drink.

Gold laminating and gilding in Kieu Ky Village

YOUR VIETNAMicon10/10/2020
The Kieu Ky gold laminating craft village (Gia Lam District, Hanoi) has a history of about 400 years. Through ups and downs, people still retain their traditional profession with stages that require ingenuity and sophistication.

Wedding rituals of the Bo Y

YOUR VIETNAMicon29/09/2020
After spring dating, when cold wind begins to blow, young ethnic boys and girls in the northwest mountain region decide to get married.

Tomb house of the Co Tu

YOUR VIETNAMicon28/09/2020
A tomb house built on the grave of a dead person is typical of folk belief of the Co Tu ethnic minority who live in Vietnam’s central region.

Arieu Ping, the reburial festival of the Pa Ko

YOUR VIETNAMicon19/09/2020
For the Pa Ko ethnic people, taking care of ancestral tombs is not a family’s private affair, but the responsibility of the whole village.

Love in Pieu scarf of Thai women

YOUR VIETNAMicon17/09/2020
The ethnic Black Thai of Vietnam’s northwestern region value the Pieu scarf as a symbol of love and an important clothing accessory for women. All Black Thai women can weave and embroider Pieu scarves.

Music in wedding ritual of Red Dao in Lao Cai province

YOUR VIETNAMicon15/09/2020
For the Red Dao, a ceremonial music band is an important part of happy events such as wedding ceremonies. The cheerful sound of clarinets and drums expresses the joy of the bride, bridegroom, and their guests.

Ok Om Bok Festival of the Khmer

YOUR VIETNAMicon12/09/2020
The Khmer in Vietnam’s southern region are celebrating the Ok Om Bok or Moon Worship Festival.

Unique marriage custom of the Raglai

YOUR VIETNAMicon09/09/2020
The Raglai are a matriarchal ethnic minority group who live in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. When a Raglai couple decides to get married, the girl’s family decides everything.

Tay hamlet preserves ethnic culture

YOUR VIETNAMicon29/08/2020
Preserving ethnic culture is a tough challenge in the modern world. In Thai Hai hamlet, Thai Nguyen province, preserving the language, costumes, folklore, and customs of Vietnam’s Tay ethnic minority is a task for every family.

Steel takes shape as the furnace roars

YOUR VIETNAMicon23/08/2020
The summer sun adds to the heat on Lò Rèn (Blacksmith) Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, which is home to dozens of shops selling steel frames. The pace of life is as it is most days.